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The keys to choosing a travel insurance

Nowadays, with globalization, the lowering of flight costs and the opening of the international tourist market, it is becoming easier and easier to move and the fact of traveling to the other side of the world is no longer something so strange or unattainable.

This gives us the possibility of moving by considering new needs, such as the need to be safe in the destination to which we travel, especially if they are long-term destinations, travel alone or are not perfectly communicated.

Do I really need travel insurance?

This is often the question we ask ourselves the most. Usually we tend to be optimistic and think that everything will be fine during our trip, but we know that there is a small chance that everything will not turn out as we expect and if that happens we better be well insured.

Often the majority of travelers with travel insurance have not had to make use of it but the difference between having it and not having it is so abysmal and in the short term can save us so many headaches (and pocket) that just for that reason it is worth choosing a travel insurance that fits our needs.

Reasons why you might need travel insurance

Data that will help you make a decision:

  • Time and the whims of nature do not always accompany.

Without going any further, I would like to give you a clear example of what happened to us a few years ago when we were travelling in Rome. In that week a volcano erupted in Iceland and as a consequence all European flights were paralysed for a couple of days, returning home was a real odyssey, and like this example many others in which we travel to coastal monsoon areas, ect.

  • The food and drink are not “those of home”.

Poisonings and gastroenteritis are very common when we travel outside and if they extend many days without being treated they can ruin your trip.

  • Transports do not always leave or arrive on time.

In high season it is more than likely that our trip may coincide with a transport strike, exposing us to cancellations and delays, better be well covered if the departure of our transport is delayed and you do not want to be stuck at the airport or station. 6.49% of travel incidents are due to delays or cancellations.

  • Subtractions, losses or thefts are the order of the day.

Especially in large capitals and tourist areas we have to walk with a thousand eyes if we do not want to lose our belongings and save a displeasure. The most sought-after objects, precisely those in which we usually have the data and documentation for our trip.

  • Accidents happen when you least expect them.

An ankle fracture in the US can cost you around €42,000 without the proper coverages. It’s worth being cautious, isn’t it?

  • Immunity is not the same in all countries

An insect bite probably won’t affect us as much in Spain as in South Africa, and will be another reason to consider when choosing a travel insurance especially if we visit tropical or jungle areas.

Factors when choosing travel insurance

There are different points to consider when choosing a travel insurance that meets our expectations and these will vary depending on the needs of each traveler and their customs and / or affinities.

Based on this we must pay special attention to the peculiarities of our trip as it is not the same to travel alone, travel with your pet, visit a country in war … etc. these aspects are what define the minimum requirements in the search for a travel insurance that meets our objectives.

What coverage should travel insurance provide?

As a minimum, the requirements that our insurance must meet are the following:

  • Baggage Coverage
  • Liability
  • Medical Expense Coverage
  • Coverage in expenses for trip cancellation or delays
  • Specific coverage (ski and snowboard insurance, adventure tourism, high-risk sports…)

Which travel insurance is best? Which one to stay with?

At this point and as a conclusion (also from experience) it is difficult to say categorically which is the best travel insurance since all, having the minimum coverage will be distinguished by something, and we must add that here also comes into play the experience that each traveler has had, their particular needs .

However, if you have decided, choose the insurance that you choose, as you can see it is possible to travel quietly without involving a great economic effort and ultimately is a guarantee of our welfare, because, Security is not expensive, it is invaluable.