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What to take on a bicycle trip?

Are you starting to cycle touring? Do you want to take a bike trip? One of the most frequently asked questions is what to take on a bicycle trip.That’s why this guide with tips for traveling with saddlebags: detailing things that are necessary, useful and that allow you to carry your bike as light as possible.

Those cyclists who want to make a long trip by bicycle, without time limit and passing through all seasons. However, the advice is also useful for those cyclists who only want to make a short holiday trip. They will probably take a lot less stuff, but the basis is the same.
There are people who travel almost without weight, we like to be well prepared.


It is not the same what you have to wear if you want to make a short trip by bicycle (cycling) as if you intend to live traveling or make a long trip by bicycle (cycle traveler). Why? Especially because of the quantity and variety of things. If you are going to make a long trip by bicycle you will probably go through all seasons of the year and depending on the area you will have to wear a lot of warm clothes for winter, light clothes for summer, etc.

If you are going on a trip with a small budget, you will probably choose to sleep in a tent in order to reduce costs. This way you will have to take all the camping equipment. If you plan to travel stopping at hostels, hotels or family houses you may choose to travel without camping equipment.


It is very common to start by saying because of the doubts I carry this, because of the doubts that , the because of the doubts weighs a lot and surely there will be very few times that you will need it.

In order to know what to take and what not to take, we ask ourselves a simple question:


It is likely that at some point during the whole trip you will say “what a pity I didn’t bring this” but if it happens after a month or two of starting, you will realize that it was your best decision. Especially in those endless climbs where the bike seems to weigh twice as much as it weighs.

Buying everything we’re going to recommend can be very expensive. We got equipped little by little and there were things we already had. We recommend that you prioritize what is most necessary and that you need it and buy little by little.


What’s a saddlebag?

The saddlebags are bags that are placed on the side of the bike where you take everything you need for the trip. There are back and front saddlebags.

What should I consider when buying a saddlebag?

There are many cyclists who build their own saddlebags as it is an economical way to start planning a bike trip, there are others who decide to buy them.
Whichever of the two options you choose, it is important that you think about the durability of them and if possible that they are waterproof (from a rainy day few are saved).

Some details to keep in mind to buy your bicycle saddlebags are:

  • REAR CLOTHES: the size depends on the tastes of each one but for a long trip by bicycle we recommend that they have a capacity of at least 40 Litres. The litres are measured between the 2 saddlebags. That is to say, each one must have 20 Litres (the 2 together 40 L).
  • FRONT BAGS: They have a capacity of 20 litres per pair (10 L each). Some cyclists buy the rear ones also forwards because in general there is not much difference in price and the rear ones have more capacity.
  • REAR BAG: they are placed above the grill and the 2 rear saddlebags. The capacity depends on each person but a good size is 30 liters. We recommend that it is also waterproof.
  • FRONT BAG: these are small bags that are placed in front of the handlebars and are used to carry things by hand. If they are waterproof, better.
  • LOW SEAT BAG: they are very small, they are placed under the seat. It can be used to carry some tools, bike camera, etc..