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When to travel to Frankfurt

Do you travel to Frankfurt for tourism and want to know what to bring in the suitcase? Or are you in time to choose dates and find the best time to travel to this German city?

You will find some data about the weather in Frankfurt and information about some events that take place in the city and that may interest you. Taking note of all this you will surely find the ideal time to make an escape and discover all that can be done and seen in Frankfurt.

The weather in Frankfurt

It is said that Frankfurt, due to its location in the valley of the Rhine and Main rivers, enjoys a milder climate than other places in Germany. I can only tell you that I visited Frankfurt in February and it was very cold.

The temperatures were so low that at Frankfurt Airport the melting team had to spray the plane with a liquid mixture of water and glycol that reaches 82º. If this is the case in a city with a mild climate, I don’t want to think about what it will be like in the rest of the country.


The summers in Frankfurt are hot and humid. Temperatures in that season can reach 30 degrees. A big difference with the winter temperatures which for me are certainly not mild at all. They range between 3º and -4º, January being the coldest month of the year.

As for spring and autumn, the former is usually cooler. In May the temperature reaches 15º but it is rare to feel spring temperatures before that month. However, in October and November the usual temperature is between 14º and 18º. However, at the end of November it is usual to feel the proximity of the cold winter.


It rains all year round in Frankfurt. The driest month is February, and yet the winter humidity makes the wind chill even lower than the real one. During the winter snowfalls are also common. In summer storms are common, being June, July and August the rainiest months of the year.

Weather forecast in Frankfurt

If you want to know the most approximate forecast for your trip to Frankfurt I recommend you consult. I usually consult it and its forecasts are usually quite close to reality.

When to travel to Frankfurt

If you travel to Frankfurt for tourism you should avoid coinciding with any trade fair held in the city. And there are a few of them. The reason? During that period hotel prices skyrocket. However, the rest of the year you can find very affordable prices. But of course, there is also a high season with higher prices. In this case it would be the summer and December, the month in which Advent and Christmas are celebrated.

Also throughout the year there are different events that can make your stay in Frankfurt especially attractive. Here is a list of the most important ones. Thus, adding the time in Frankfurt plus some of these celebrations may find the perfect date to visit this German city.

Spring Fair

This is a great party very popular in Frankfurt that has been held since the mid-twentieth century at the Festplatz. The second week of April begins and the first week of May ends. In this Spring Fair you can find games to enjoy with the family and many food and drink stalls typical of Germany. A good opportunity to enjoy the traditional German gastronomy.

Skyscraper Festival

It is in the month of May when this festival is celebrated. In the can be demonstrations of artistic flight and enjoy balloon rides over the city. A very original way to see Frankfurt from another perspective.

Festival Opera Square

This festival takes place in the Frankfurt Opera Square in the last days of June and the first week of July. During these days you can see performances of musical groups while tasting typical dishes of German gastronomy.

Main Festival

It’s the most important of Frankfurt’s parties. It takes place in the Town Hall Square (Römerberg) the first week of August. Live music and fair attractions attract large and small. The end of the festival is the fireworks with which the festival closes.

Frankfurt Apple Wine Festival

If the beer festivals are famous in October, Frankfurt goes ahead and celebrates its apple wine festival in August. Something like our cider. It is a very popular festival held in Roßmarkt. You can buy different types of wine and above all, enjoy a tasting of apple wine, all accompanied by the music of bands that sing and dance.

Christmas market

During the last week of November, the Christmas market in Frankfurt opens every year. It is the largest Advent market in Germany and its stalls are divided between Römerberg and St. Paul’s Square. It is the perfect place to buy handicrafts to give away or decorate the house for Christmas.