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Plumbing and Sewerage Systems

The term pipes originates from the Latin word “plumbum”, which implies lead because the pipes used before were made from lead. While the word sewage system originated from the French word “essouier”, implying to drain pipes.

It is the system in which pipelines, tubes, as well as other pipes components are used for various water systems and waste water drainage. The person in charge of the maintenance and setup is called a plumbing technician.

The plumbing sector is one of the fundamental needs of an expanding area. It has been around because ancient times. The system was discovered in Old Greece, Rome, Egypt, Babylon, Crete, Jerusalem, as well as China.

These countries needed sufficient water products and also water drainage systems as they created public bathrooms, water fountains, as well as ultimately the water closet or toilet.

Pipes in ancient times were made of lead, clay, bamboo, and stones. Plumbing technicians would depend on the gravity to provide water. Today, we utilize pipes that are made of copper, brass, and other non hazardous materials. We likewise made use of high pressurized systems to supply water.

There are different pipes and also sewer systems that pipes companies utilized.



Drainage pipelines from sinks, washrooms, and also other branches of waste water pipes are linked to one major pipeline which is connected to the sewer system. All catches are completely aerated.


The function is the same with the one pipeline system. The distinction is that there is a vent that ventilates the foul odor from the water closet.


Dirt and waste have different pipelines. The waste pipes are connected to a caught seamless gutter while the dirt pipes are attached to the sewers. All traps are entirely aerated.


This system’s function coincides as the one pipeline system but there are no traps.


This system’s feature is the same as the partially ventilated one pipeline system.



Foul and also surface water is executed the very same drains and also drains.


Foul as well as surface area water have various or different drains as well as drains.


Part of the surface water is executed the foul sewage systems and also drains.

The plumbing systems have lots of uses such as the cold and hot water supply, water drainage, rain and surface water, septic, fuel gas piping, and other liquid or chemical. Plumbing as well as sewerage systems are found everywhere.

If you wish to improve the pipes system of your house or structure, you must know the different pipeline materials that are commonly utilized.



These are extremely solid however they are very challenging to cut.

ABDOMINAL MUSCLE (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

This is the first stiff plastic that was approved for residence drain system.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

The modern-day rigid plastic that is resistant to warmth and also chemical damages. The suggested product for drainpipe, wastes, as well as vents pipes.


This is a really solid material. This is really difficult to reduce and fit as well as they can rust gradually.

CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride).

It is an inflexible plastic that is developed to withstand stress and heats. It is likewise inexpensive.


One of the most advised product for water supply pipelines due to the fact that it stands up to rust as well as has a smooth surface.


It is used in locations where the exterior is considerable. It is durable and it has a glossy surface area.


It is very easy to shape especially around edges. It can withstand tears.


It is durable as well as hefty. It is usually used in locations where the outside is considerable as a result of its shiny surface area.

However, we can experience plumbers who do not do an excellent job in mounting our pipes as well as drain system. They may make use of substandard products that can cause a great deal of issues over time. Several of these are:.

  1. Leaking pipes can harm the paint and also wood wall surfaces.
  2. If we don’t get an appropriate nasty waste disposal, it might emerge and also the foul odor may emerge.
  3. Any structure’s life can be reduced because of pipeline leak.
  4. Harmful molds as well as molds can grow because of the damp areas produced by the dripping pipes.
  5. Health problems may arise.

We should employ expert plumbing service companies that have a good track record and we must look into well for those companies due to the fact that, ultimately, our health would be considerably impacted.