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Pocketed Coil Mattress Reviews

A short overview of the most popular and best rated pocket coil mattresses follows. Pocket coil mattresses have been around for about 80 years, and many people find this type of mattress the most comfortable, especially those who sleep with a partner whose weight is much heavier or lighter than they are.

Pocket spring cores are individual steel spring cores encapsulated in pockets. These are then attached to form the mattress. Since the springs are not connected to each other, there is more separation of movement than in conventional spring mattresses. All top class pocket spring mattresses use highly tempered steel springs. In addition, each mattress manufacturer has unique construction points that distinguish them from their competitors. Pocket spring mattresses are also married to a variety of materials such as latex, silk or wool fibres or memory foam, which gives each mattress a unique feeling of support and comfort.

Jamison pocket spring core mattress

Jamison marries its pocket coils to a variety of materials such as Talalay latex, temperature-sensitive memory foam or Omalon, each of which offers consumers different comfort requirements. Unlike other manufacturers, Jamison has joined the spool bags together in the middle, creating a “free-floating system” which, it claims, provides 100% spool conformity. The company also claims that the Jamison pocket coil mattress provides 27% more support in the middle zone than its competitors, where your body needs it most to ensure proper spinal alignment. There are many manufacturers of pocket coil mattresses, and it is questionable whether you really get 27% more support than other mattresses on the market. With Jamison Pocketted Coil mattresses, you can opt for a firm, plush pillow support.

Overall rating of the mattress: 3/5

Sealy Correct comfort mattress

Sealy’s patented PostureTouch pocket spool system claims to be the most advanced in the industry – but what manufacturer doesn’t claim to offer the most advanced system? The PostureTouch spool is designed to feel soft at first, but becomes stronger as weight increases, providing both comfort and support. The Sealy pocket spring mattress also comes with the MiracleEdge edge that covers the pockets of the spring mattress, which the company claims provides consistent comfort and support at every point of the mattress.

Overall rating of the mattress: 4/5

Mattress Simmons beauty rest

The selling point of the Simmons pocket spring mattress is the unique ‘two-storey coil-on-coil’ construction. This basically means that you get an upper layer of coils that are designed to adapt to your body shape and provide you with the comfort you want, while the lower layer of firmer coils provides the support. The mattress is also supplied with an ‘Ultra 360 degree foam cover’. This feature consists of 3 inches of high density foam that evenly supports the mattress right to the edge. You can upgrade to visco-memory foam, latex foam and combinations of visco-memory foam and latex foam, and all mattresses are available in comfort options Firm, Plush or Pillow Top.

Overall rating of the mattress: 3/5

Pocketted coil mattresses are still a popular choice for many. The biggest disadvantage of pocket spring mattresses is their durability: a pocket spring mattress does not last as long as a spring mattress. It is therefore important to buy a high-quality pocket spring mattress from a first-class mattress manufacturer.

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